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A medium shrub with corky gnarled bark, deep green serrated leaves and large creamy-yellow flower heads in Autumn. H:3-6m W:1-2m

Produces large, gorgeous orange-gold, bottlebrush-like flower spikes, which are irresistible to many species of birds. H. 3-4m

Medium tree with serrated leaves which are deep green on top and silvery-white below. Lemon coloured flower heads followed by persistent woody cones. H.8m

Low to medium shrub producing pale yellow flower heads from Autumn to Winter. H. to 2m

Highly adaptable dwarf to medium evergreen shrub with bold foliage and flowers. Bird attracting. 2m x 2m

An ideal Winter flowering shrub, this dense and hardy Banksia produces long, showy spikes of golden flowers set off by purplish-black stamens. H. to 4m

A decorative, low growing shrub featuring large, bright, gold coloured 'candle' flowers from mid autumn to early spring. An excellent landscaping feature and is perfect for rockeries, border planting and container planting. 50cm H x 1.2m W.

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