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A tough and intrinsically beautiful shrub. Produces stunning bright pink new growth and glowing, pinkish-red, flowers in Spring. Great for hedging. H. 2.5m W. 1m

Spring flowering, evergreen shrub with a mass of small, deep rose flower spikes, highlighted with bright yellow anthers. 4m H x 3m W.

A fast growing shrub which produces a profusion of candy pink bottlebrush flowers throughout the year. Ideal for hedging & screening. Bird attracting. H. to 3m

An upright growing bottlebrush with stunning, red new growth and vibrant red to purple flowers in late Spring. Bird attracting H. 3m W. 2m

A medium shrub with pendulous, grey-green foliage and masses of pale pink flowers which fade to white, both colours being seen on the shrub at the same time.

A beautiful weeping habit with masses of large, stunning, bright pink bottlebrush flowers in Winter and Spring. H. to 3m

An upright shrub with silvery new growth producing a profusion of beautiful large pale pink flower brushes throughout most of the year. H. 3m

A shapely medium shrub with silvery foliage and candy pink brushes in late spring-summer, and autumn-early winter. Suited to cool temperate to tropical climates. 2.5-3m H x 1.8-2.2m W.

Dense bushy shrub covered in bright pink bottlebrush flowers in Spring. Ideal for screening or hedging. Bird attracting. H. 2-3m

A hardy, colourful groundcover with a creeping habit and striking, deep pink to purple, daisy like flowers. Tolerates frost, drought, humidity and salt. Bee-attracting.

A beautiful, groundcover that has better frost tolerance than the common and can tolerate more moisture & heavier soils. Giant, pink flowers appear in Spring & Autumn

The dense foliage is an attractive, bronze green when young, maturing to a deep green. Masses of pink ballerina skirt flowers in Spring followed by blue berries.

An attractive shrub with burgundy, deeply lobed foliage and pretty, pink toothbrush-like flowers in Winter and Spring. H:to 2m

A low-growing, spreading shrub with attractive foliage. Gorgeous pink flowers appear all year. A stunning addition to a mixed native garden. Bird attracting. H:1m W:2m

A medium shrub with gorgeous orange-pink flowers with red styles throughout the year. Drought tolerant. Bird attracting. H:1-2m W:1-2m

A highly ornamental shrub producing masses of vibrant pink, bird attracting flowers over Winter & Spring. Sunny Position. Attractive hedge. H. 3m W. 2m

This Grevillea has flowers so large that they arch down - looking like a pink flamingo feeding. Flamingo will attract nectar feeding birds all year round. H. 3m W. 3m

Fast growing shrub with lovely, large, pink & cream flowers for most of the year. Ideal garden feature. Great for cut flowers. Bird attacting. H. 3m W. 3m

An attractive, low-growing shrub with a compact habit, producing small, pretty pink flowers for most of the year. Bird attracting. Full sun. H:30cm H:60cm

Large shrub pruducing spectacular, large pink and cream flowers for most of the year. Ideal for shrubberies, screening or hedging. Bird attracting. H. 3m W. 3m

A beautiful shrub producing bright rosy pink to reddish pink flowers throughout the year. Bird attracting. H. 3m

A cascading, semi-prostrate tea-tree with masses of pink blossoms covering the whole plant in Spring and again in Autumn. H. 50cm- 1m

An upright growing shrub producing masses of vibrant pink flowers in Spring. Very hardy. Ideal for hedging or screening. Bird attracting. H. 1.5m

A tall shrub with narrow dark green leaves, and small, pink bottlebrush flowers. Ideal for shrubberies, hedges, wind break and screening. Bird attracting. H. 3-4m

An attractive small to medium shrub with soft green foliage which producing masses of two-toned pink bottlebrush flowers during Spring. H. 2-3m W. 1.5m

A lovely small shrub with pink, fluffy flowers which look like pink fairy floss are

A small evergreen shrub with fine, narrow leaves and which bears a profusion of soft pink, lacy flowers from Spring to Summer. H. to 50cm

A neat, round, bushy shrub with flushes of pink new growth. Prolific clusters of fluffy white flowers appear in Spring, followed by purple edible berries. H:2m W:1.5m

Stunning bright pink new growth. White fluffy flowers appear in Summer followed by Bright-red, edible berries. Perfect for screening or as a feature. H:3-5m W:1.5m

The silver green foliage & soft blue-mauve flowers make this an extremly attractive shrub in a mixed garden or planted as a low hedge. H. 1.2m W 1.2m

A hardy, compact shrub bearing small white flowers in Spring & Summer. Suitable for dry and coastal positions and needs little care once established. H. 1.5m

A small, hardy, compact shrub with smokey-grey variegated foliage. Masses of white flowers appear through Winter and Spring. Ideal for use as a low hedge, pots or shrubberies. Lightly prune in Spring to maintain shape and fertilise with a low phosphorus, slow release fertiliser. Full sun. Frost tolerant. Tolerates dryness. Coastal suited. Bird attracting. Bee attracting.

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