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A dense shrub producing a prolific display of deep-pink, double flowers with frilly edges in Spring & Summer. Ideal for hedging or borders. H:2m W:1.5m

A medium-sized shrub with red foliage, producing a profusion of attractive, vibrant burgundy, double flowers during Winter & Spring. Hedging. Bird attracting. H:2m

A spectacular, weeping shrub is almost completely covered with masses of white flowers in Spring. Ideal feature shrub. Bird attracting. H. 2m W. 2m

A hardy, upright shrub, which in Summer, is almost completely covered by a mass of single white flowers. Foliage is lemon scented. Hedging, screening, coastal. H.2m

Forming a medium sized hedge with brilliant bronze new foliage which has a delightful lemon scent when crushed. H. 2-3m W. 1-1.5m

Large shrub with pendulous branches. Prefers moist locations. Good screening and ideal as a display plant. H. to 3m

A dwarf shrub with single red flowers appearing in abundance from Winter through to Spring. Ideal for mixed gardens, containers or borders. Bee attracting. H:1m W:1m

A medium shrub with weeping branches that are covered with bright-red flowers in Spring. Bird and bee attracting. H:2m W:1.5m

A low spreading shrub that is covered with purple flowers in Spring. Grows well in a wide range of soils and climates. Great for large tubs. Bee attracting. H:1m W:1m

A cascading, semi-prostrate tea-tree with masses of pink blossoms covering the whole plant in Spring and again in Autumn. H. 50cm- 1m

An upright growing shrub producing masses of vibrant pink flowers in Spring. Very hardy. Ideal for hedging or screening. Bird attracting. H. 1.5m

Dense shrub with fine aromatic foliage that constantly vaporises citronella oil into the atmosphere confusing mozzies. Massed pink flowers. H. 1.5m

A medium to tall shrub with aromatic leaves which have a distinct lemon fragrance. Masses of single, white flowers are produced through Summer.

Medium sized shrub with attractive, pink buds which open into masses of white, honey-scented flowers throughout Winter & Spring. Bird attracting. H. 3m W. 3m

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