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Attractive tree with narrow foliage and a graceful weeping habit, producing masses of golden, ball-like flowers in Spring. Attracts seed eating birds.H. 4m

Velvet Leaf Wattle is an evergreen shrub with attractive silvery-grey velvety leaves. Fast growing, it is useful for screening or as a feature plant to create some contrast in your garden. Produces bright yellow flowers in the winter. H. 3-4m x W. 4m.

Old Man Saltbush is an evergreen medium shrub with attractive silver-grey foliage. Fast growing, it is useful as a screen or to create some contrast in the garden. It's leaves are edible and impart a salty flavour. H. 2-3m x W. 1-2m.

Dark green leaves are often red when young and emit a brilliant,citrus aroma. Produces an outstanding creamy-white flower display in Summer. H. to 10m

Weeping, grey-green foliage and bright red bottlebrush flowers in late Spring. Perfect feature or screening shrub. Bird attracting. H. 4-6m

A colourful shrub bearing a profusion of brilliant crimson flowers during spring. Ideal for a screening or hedge plant. Bird attracting. H. 3m W. 3m

An upright growing bottlebrush with stunning, red new growth and vibrant red to purple flowers in late Spring. Bird attracting H. 3m W. 2m

A medium shrub with pendulous, grey-green foliage and masses of pale pink flowers which fade to white, both colours being seen on the shrub at the same time.

An upright shrub with weeping branches bearing a mass of bright red bottlebrush flowers in Spring. Ideal for screening & hedging. Bird attracting. H:3m

A hardy native tree boasting a magnificent Summer display of mauve flowers with gold tips. An ideal screening plant. H. 2-4m W. 2-4

A medium sized shrub with a stunning Spring display of deep purple bottlebrush flowers. Ideal for hedges, screening, and shrubberies. Bird attracting. H:to 2m

A unique, narrow growth habit that needs little pruning to keep its shape. Red brushes in Spring & Summer. Perfect for tight planting areas. Frost tolerant. H. 3m W. 1.3m

A delightful, weeping shrub bearing attractive creamy-white bottlebrush flowers for most of the year. Bird attracting. H. to 3m

NSW Christmas Bush A spectacular Aussie Christmas Tree. Masses of white flowers appear in Spring, followed by red flower bracts. Perfect for cut flower arrangements. H. 3-5m

Dense crown of dark green glossy foliage and flushes of deep bronze-red new growth. Deep cream, sweetly scented flowers in Summer.

A fast-growing shrub with magnificent large pink to honey coloured flowers. Coastal suited. Bird attracting. H. 2-3m W to 1.5m

A highly ornamental shrub producing masses of vibrant pink, bird attracting flowers over Winter & Spring. Sunny Position. Attractive hedge. H. 3m W. 2m

Attractive bright green deeply lobed foliage and stunning, flame red flowers. Prune to neat round shrub. Bird attracting. H. 3m. W. 2m.

A large shrub which produces a profusion of cute, shell pink spider-like flowers. Attracts birds. Drought tolerant. Ideal for screening. 3 x 3m.

Masses of golden-yellow flowers year round. Attracts nectar feeding birds. H. 3m

Fast growing shrub with lovely, large, pink & cream flowers for most of the year. Ideal garden feature. Great for cut flowers. Bird attacting. H. 3m W. 3m

Popular evergreen shrub with attractive foliage and beautiful lemon-yellow flowers for most of the year. Flowers attract nectar feeding birds. H. to 3-4m

Deep green leaves and stunning bright orange flowers. Bird attracting. H. 3m

Large shrub pruducing spectacular, large pink and cream flowers for most of the year. Ideal for shrubberies, screening or hedging. Bird attracting. H. 3m W. 3m

Large, fast growing, majestic, evergreen tree that, in late spring bears a profusion of large, bright orange, toothbrush like flowers.

A compact, bushy shrub with honey/strawberry blonde coloured toothbrush flowers in Winter & Spring. Bird attracting. Frost tolerant. H. 2m W 1.5m

A beautiful shrub producing bright rosy pink to reddish pink flowers throughout the year. Bird attracting. H. 3m

A large shrub with unusually coloured flowers and attractive leaves. The spider flowers are made up of green, yellow, red and black. Attracts nectar feeding birds. Creates a lovely hedge. 5m. W. 3m

Large shrub with pendulous branches. Prefers moist locations. Good screening and ideal as a display plant. H. to 3m

A medium to tall shrub with aromatic leaves which have a distinct lemon fragrance. Masses of single, white flowers are produced through Summer.

Medium sized shrub with attractive, pink buds which open into masses of white, honey-scented flowers throughout Winter & Spring. Bird attracting. H. 3m W. 3m

A tall shrub with narrow dark green leaves, and small, pink bottlebrush flowers. Ideal for shrubberies, hedges, wind break and screening. Bird attracting. H. 3-4m

A hardy and vigorous small tree. Ideal as a screen. Birds and bees find the white cloud of Spring blossom most attractive. Frost tolerant. H. 3-4m W. 1.5-2m

An attractive small to medium shrub with soft green foliage which producing masses of two-toned pink bottlebrush flowers during Spring. H. 2-3m W. 1.5m

A fast-growing, neat, large shrub to small tree with a paperbark trunk. It is smothered with deep pink, aging to red bottlebrush flowers in Spring & Autumn. H.3.5m W 1.5m

Ornamental tree for shelter & shade. Dense, rounded crown of weeping, glossy, dark green foliage. Produces fluffy white flowers in Spring followed by red berries.

A medium tree with a dense canopy of weeping foliage. Long, dark green leaves with stunning deep red new growth. Large clusters of white flowers in Summer.

A stunning, bushy shrub producing gorgeous, bright yellow fluffy flowers in Autumn through to Spring. Great for screening or a specimen plant. Bird attracting. H.3m

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