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A beautiful, twinning, evergreen climber with attractive, glossy foliage. It is smothered in Spring & Summer in a mass of light pink, trumpet flowers with deep pink throats.

A vigorous glossy leaved climber producing large white trumpet flowers with golden centres and a light fragrance from early Summer to late Autumn. Frost tolerant.

An attractive evergreen climber with a very neat growth habit, this stunning plant produces large pink blooms with darker pink throats flowers from Spring to Autumn.

A fast-growing climber with attractive glossy leaves. Forms a think screen on fences and pergolas. A profusion of cute, lemon, bell-like flowers in Winter and Spring.

Ruby Belle is a superior selection of the popular Wonga Vine. It is fast growing and free flowering and forms a thick dense cover that is ideal for covering fences or pergolas or for creeping up lattice work to provide screening where privacy is required.

A vigorous, hardy and fast growing climber bearing masses of showy, white trumpet shaped flowers. Idea for walls, fences and pergolas and can be used as a groundcover.

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