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A dense speading shrub with fine bronzey new growth. Large, deep orange flowers appear most of the year. Bird attracting. H. 1m Spread to 2.5m

A very hardy, small growing evergreen shrub producing a prolific display of small clustered, mauve coloured flowers in late winter to spring. Ideal low specimen shrub or low hedge perfect for enticing birds to the garden for habitat and nectar. 1m H x 1m W.

An attractive shrub with burgundy, deeply lobed foliage and pretty, pink toothbrush-like flowers in Winter and Spring. H:to 2m

A very hardy, low spreading groundcover with apricot coloured flowers appearing during Winter & Spring. Bird attracting. Frost tolerant. Drought tolerant.

Evergreen, rainforest tree with very attractive foliage that has copper-coloured undersides. A mass of creamy-white, scented flower spikes appear in Summer.

Medium sized shrub with prolific red flowers from winter to summer. Great screening or hedging plant attracting nectar feeding birds. 2-3m H x 2-4m W.

A low-growing, spreading shrub with attractive foliage. Gorgeous pink flowers appear all year. A stunning addition to a mixed native garden. Bird attracting. H:1m W:2m

This striking grevillea will make a great addition to any garden, with it's deep orange/ red coloured flowers. Great for cut flowers, attracting birds and a wonderful specimen shrub. 3-4m H x 2m W.

A medium sized shrub with dark green fern-like leaves bursting into flower in Spring with firey-red red spider flowers. Bird attracting. H.1.5m W, 2m

A small, compact shrub with clusters of red and yellow flowers during spring and summer. Bird attracting and a beautiful addition to any garden. 0.80m H x 1.2m W.

Groundcover, bronze new growth, amazing display of large, claret-red toothbrush flowers in the warmer months. H. 30cm W. 3m

An extremely fast growing shrub. Great screening shrub, hedge or specimen plant. Burgundy toothbrush flowers. Frost hardy. Bird attracting. H. 2m W. 2m

Its not a citrus but the flowers are the colour of ripe lemons. Flowering for most of the year it will attract honey loving birds. Just stunning!

Butterscotch coloured flowers appear throughout the year. Bird attracting. H. 3-4m

A fast-growing shrub with magnificent large pink to honey coloured flowers. Coastal suited. Bird attracting. H. 2-3m W to 1.5m

Dense spreading shrub with soft foliage and bunches of yellow flowers throughout the year. 1-1.5m H x 2-3m W.

A dense vigorous carpet, with masses of large burgundy flowers. A great performer for banks and slopes, providing a living mulch cover. 0.20cm H x 1.5-2.5m W.

A medium shrub with gorgeous orange-pink flowers with red styles throughout the year. Drought tolerant. Bird attracting. H:1-2m W:1-2m

Pendulous branches covered with fine, glossy light-green leaves give the shrub the appearance of a shimmering cascade. An abundance of 10-20cm long, golden, rocket-shaped flowers appear during Summer and Autumn. H 50cm W.2-3m

A small shrub with prolific orange and red flowers in the early winter through to spring. Soft evergreen foliage, growing 1m H x 1m W.

Prostrate shrub with soft foliage and masses of cinnamon scented white flowers during Spring. An ideal groundcover for rockeries.

An attractive purple flowering grevillea with striking foliage. A dense, medium sized shrub growing 3m H x 2m W.

A highly ornamental shrub producing masses of vibrant pink, bird attracting flowers over Winter & Spring. Sunny Position. Attractive hedge. H. 3m W. 2m

Quick growing dense groundcover with deeply lobed red-tipped foliage & long wine-red toothbrush flowers displayed over Spring-Summer-Autumn

Attractive bright green deeply lobed foliage and stunning, flame red flowers. Prune to neat round shrub. Bird attracting. H. 3m. W. 2m.

This Grevillea has flowers so large that they arch down - looking like a pink flamingo feeding. Flamingo will attract nectar feeding birds all year round. H. 3m W. 3m

A large shrub which produces a profusion of cute, shell pink spider-like flowers. Attracts birds. Drought tolerant. Ideal for screening. 3 x 3m.

A gorgeous native groundcover with deeply divided dark green leaves, tinged red during cool months. New growth is deep red. Burgundy toothbrush flowers from late Spring to Summer. Excellent for mass planting to cover slopes & banks

Grey/green, finely divided foliage is carried on spreading, gracefully arching branches giving the appearance of a male lyrebird. Masses of long yellow flowers appear in Summer attracting nectar feeding birds.

Masses of golden-yellow flowers year round. Attracts nectar feeding birds. H. 3m

A medium shrub producing calming ivory-white flowers with a delicate shade of light pink nestling in their centres. Flowers all year round. H. 1.5m W. 1.5m

Vibrant and gorgeous burnt-orange, frangranced flowers adorn this grevillea and contrast well with its bright green leaves. Bird attracting. H. 2.5m W. 2.5m

This is one of my all time favourites! A medium height shrub with deeply divided silver-grey foliage and producing amazing peachy coloured flowes for most of the year. Thrives in most soils, but grows best in a sunny, open, well drained position. Bird attracting.

A medium height shrub with deeply divided silver-grey foliage, which bears large, stunning, rosy coloured flowers for most of the year. Bird attracting. H:3-4m

A fast-growing shrub producing masses of pale apricot flowers in Winter and Spring. Drought tolerant. Coastal suited. Bird Attracting. H:3m W:1.5m

A beautiful, low, spreading Grevillea with attractive, rich pink flowers appearing all year. A gorgeous addition to any garden. Bird attracting. H:1.5m W:3m

A dwarf spreading shrub with deep green, narrow leaves producing a profusion of deep pink and white flowers from Autumn to Spring. H.1m W. 1.5m

A naturally bushy shrub with bright, honey-coloured flowers appearing all year round. Bird attracting. Frost and drought tolerant. Full sun. H:2m W:2m

A small shrub with dense foliage and bright, lolly-pink flowers all year. Only requires a light annual prune. Bird attracting. H:1.5m W:1.5m

Bearing very large, gorgeous carmine-rose flowers with white and cream stamens throughout Autumn, Winter & Spring. Bird attracting. H. 3m W. 1.5m

Fast growing shrub with lovely, large, pink & cream flowers for most of the year. Ideal garden feature. Great for cut flowers. Bird attacting. H. 3m W. 3m

Produces stunning two-toned flowers near all year round. The gorgeous flowers start at a greenish-yellow with red slowly changing to light then dark pink. H.0.5m W.1.5m

Popular evergreen shrub with attractive foliage and beautiful lemon-yellow flowers for most of the year. Flowers attract nectar feeding birds. H. to 3-4m

Bright, showy orange/red flowers throughout the year. Bird attracting. H. 1-2m

A low spreading shrub with lovely slender, silvery foliage. Beautiful large orange toothbrush flowers full of nectar for the birds. 1m H x 2m W.

Deep green leaves and stunning bright orange flowers. Bird attracting. H. 3m

A beautiful small bushy grevillea, flowering most of the year with cream and peach flowers. Perfect for small gardens or as a feature plant. 1.2m H x 1.5m W.

A low, spreading shrub with dense, prickly foliage and a mass of pale pink flowers during spring and summer. Useful groundcover for retaining walls and embankments.

An attractive, low-growing shrub with a compact habit, producing small, pretty pink flowers for most of the year. Bird attracting. Full sun. H:30cm H:60cm

Large shrub pruducing spectacular, large pink and cream flowers for most of the year. Ideal for shrubberies, screening or hedging. Bird attracting. H. 3m W. 3m

A dense, fast-growing, drought-tolerant shrub producing masses of attractive deep red spider flowers for most of the year. Bird attracting. Coastal suited. H.2m W.2m

Large, fast growing, majestic, evergreen tree that, in late spring bears a profusion of large, bright orange, toothbrush like flowers.

A small spreading shrub producing a profusion of glorious red flowers for most of the year. Flowers almost continually. Bird attracting. H. 1.5m W. 1.5m

A soft, dense, versatile shrub with bunches of pink & cream flowers from Winter Through to Summer. Perfect in a mixed native garden. H:1m W:70cm

A spectacular, vigorous groundcover with stunning red spider flowers. Great for slopes, banks and retaining walls. Bird attracting.

Small tree with spreading branches producing bright yellow and attractive, deeply divided foliage. Flowers Winter to Spring. Bird attracting. H. 3m W. 3m

A very pretty, compact Grevillea with narrow prickly leaves. Bears a profusion of dainty, brilliant red flowers in Winter and Spring. Ideal for rockeries. Bird attracting

A full shrub with attractive, bronze new growth and a profusion of ruby-red flowers for most of the year. Useful for hedging or screening. Bird attracting. H. to 2m

A compact, bushy shrub with honey/strawberry blonde coloured toothbrush flowers in Winter & Spring. Bird attracting. Frost tolerant. H. 2m W 1.5m

Abundant apricot flowers during autumn, attracting birds and bees. A wonderful naturally clumping groundcover. Prefers full sun but will tolerate dappled light shade. Great for rockeries and as a low border plant.

An attractive shrub bearing large, reddish-orange flowers for most of the year. A colourful addition to any garden. Great for screening and hedging. Bird attracting. H. 2m W. 2m

A beautiful shrub producing bright rosy pink to reddish pink flowers throughout the year. Bird attracting. H. 3m

A large shrub with unusually coloured flowers and attractive leaves. The spider flowers are made up of green, yellow, red and black. Attracts nectar feeding birds. Creates a lovely hedge. 5m. W. 3m

A fast growing, upright shrub with attractive, deeply divided leaves and scarlet spider flowers cover the shrub from Autumn to Summer. Bird attracting. H. 2m W. 2m

A beautiful low shrub with soft grey foliage, producing a profusion of red-pink and cream flowers. A dense habit provides excellent habitat for small birds. H:30cm W:1m

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