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Attractive compact bushy shrub producing masses of vivd blue/purple flowers profusely in Spring and regularly through the year. H.1.5m Best pruned 800x800mm

The silver green foliage & soft blue-mauve flowers make this an extremly attractive shrub in a mixed garden or planted as a low hedge. H. 1.2m W 1.2m

A tough groundcover with very dense growth and producing white flowers throughout Spring & Summer. Perfect for mass plantings. Excellent drought & frost tolerance

A hardy, compact shrub bearing small white flowers in Spring & Summer. Suitable for dry and coastal positions and needs little care once established. H. 1.5m

A small, hardy, compact shrub with smokey-grey variegated foliage. Masses of white flowers appear through Winter and Spring. Ideal for use as a low hedge, pots or shrubberies. Lightly prune in Spring to maintain shape and fertilise with a low phosphorus, slow release fertiliser. Full sun. Frost tolerant. Tolerates dryness. Coastal suited. Bird attracting. Bee attracting.

A dwarf Westringia forming an attractive, rounded shrub with grey-green leaves and bearing a profusion of white flowers in Summer. H. 90cm

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