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This compact form of the sticky wattle forms a small, rounded, tidy shrub with a pendulous habit. Pale yellow flowers are produced in spring amongst aromatic foliage. H. 1.5m x W. 1.5m.

Small compact shrub with masses of white flowers from Nov to March. H.1m. Its compact neat shape makes it ideal for planting along walls and fences

Cute, little mounded shrub to 50cm..masses of white flowers cover the plant.

A dense shrub with glossy foliage and masses of small, white flowers along the stems in Summer. Makes a pretty low hedge. H. to 1m

A decorative, low growing shrub featuring large, bright, gold coloured 'candle' flowers from mid autumn to early spring. An excellent landscaping feature and is perfect for rockeries, border planting and container planting. 50cm H x 1.2m W.

A naturally narrow growing plant with good frost and drought tolerance once established. It's white flowers contrast well against the dark green foliage. Attracts bees and native birds.1.3-1.5m H x 70cm-80cm W.

An ultra-compact, fine leaf Callistemon with rustic red new growth in autumn and spring. Red flowers from Sept-Nov. It is self cleaning after flowering. 60cm-1.5m H x 1m W.

A very hardy, small growing evergreen shrub producing a prolific display of small clustered, mauve coloured flowers in late winter to spring. Ideal low specimen shrub or low hedge perfect for enticing birds to the garden for habitat and nectar. 1m H x 1m W.

A small, compact shrub with clusters of red and yellow flowers during spring and summer. Bird attracting and a beautiful addition to any garden. 0.80m H x 1.2m W.

Dense spreading shrub with soft foliage and bunches of yellow flowers throughout the year. 1-1.5m H x 2-3m W.

A small shrub with prolific orange and red flowers in the early winter through to spring. Soft evergreen foliage, growing 1m H x 1m W.

A low spreading shrub with lovely slender, silvery foliage. Beautiful large orange toothbrush flowers full of nectar for the birds. 1m H x 2m W.

A beautiful small bushy grevillea, flowering most of the year with cream and peach flowers. Perfect for small gardens or as a feature plant. 1.2m H x 1.5m W.

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